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Jeremy Renner on His Fil-Am Costar, Hollywood (Manila Bulletin)

Los Angeles – Jeremy Renner arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel with a broken right arm which, he said, he broke while doing a stunt.

The 46-year-old actor, who was in the Philippines when he did “The Bourne Legacy” in 2012, beamed and smiled, temporarily forgetting the pain of his broken arm when we asked him about his “Wind River” co-star Teo Briones, who portrays his son Casey Lambert in the American thriller.

Jeremy Renner (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)He said, “Teo is so great. He has just got such an amazing energy and he is just such a hard worker. He got to learn to ride that horse and really control that big horse around. I was really impressed with him.”

Teo is the son of Jon Jon Briones, who is the acclaimed Engineer in the musical “Miss Saigon” and actress-singer Megan Johnson Briones, who portrayed Ellen in the same musical. Born Mateo Justis Briones in Oxford, England while his parents were on tour, Teo began acting at the age of 5. His older sister, Isa Briones (“Takers”), 18, is also an actress-singer.

“Wind River” is about the discovery of a body by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent Cory Lambert (Renner) in the Wind River Indian Reservation and he gets assistance from FBI rookie agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen).

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Jeremy Renner on How Filming an Indie Like "Wind River" Compares to the "Avengers" Movies (Collider.com)


Last week I got to talk to Jeremy Renner for his upcoming film Wind River. The film marks a new directorial effort from Oscar-nominated screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water) and follows a wildlife officer (Renner) teaming up with an FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) to investigate a murder on a Native American reservation. It’s a powerful conclusion to Sheridan’s “frontier trilogy”, and I definitely recommend checking it out when it comes to a theater near you. Click here for my full review from Sundance.

During my conversation with Renner, we talked about what appealed to him about this character, playing someone who has a unique occupation, what it was like filming on location, how shooting an indie like Wind River compares to shooting a blockbuster like the Avengers movies, if there are future plans for his Bourne Legacy character Aaron Cross, if he might return to the Mission: Impossible franchise, breaking his arms while filming the comedy Tag, and much more.

Check out the full interview below. Wind River is now playing in limited release.

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Jeremy Renner on "Wind River," Hopes for "Infinity War," and His "Mission: Impossible" Future (Screen Crush)

In Taylor Sheridan’s snowy western Wind River, Jeremy Renner plays a quiet divorcee and grieving father who spends his days tracking game on a Wyoming reservation. Renner’s Cory Lambert is one of the only (if not the only) white man on the land, but his Native American ex-wife (Julia Jones) and young son give him a sense of connection to the community and its people. After the body of a young Native American woman is found in the middle of a snowy hillside, Cory remembers a similar loss he suffered years ago. Along with FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) and the local sheriff (Graham Greene), Cory attempts to solve the murder mystery.

Last month I caught up with the Oscar nominee to chat about his role in the crime drama, his penchant for characters who are great with weapons – how good does Renner have to be in real life to fake his marksmanship onscreen? – and what it was like working with fellow Avenger Olsen on a smaller movie. Renner also expertly dodged my questions about Infinity War, but revealed there will be more Hawkeye in the upcoming Marvel movie. The actor himself also confirmed that no, Hawkeye won’t appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp despite a previous rumor.

This character is much quieter and more introspective than a lot of the more action-intensive roles that you’ve played.

Yup. Yeah, for sure.

What initially drew you to playing Cory and this film?

I think it was the inner complexity that was fascinating to me, kind of how to express that and not express that. I initially thought that he’d be much more stoic and stone-like, but I found very quickly that the challenge was going to be the restraint of emotions that were coming up in particular scenes. And I guess I wanted to be very conscious towards the end of the movie when there’s a catharsis, a healing process sort of happens. So it became, instead of one big release, sigh of relief for the guy, it ended up being a slow leak of emotions slipping out throughout the picture. And it was a great challenge.

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